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Boyscoutscampcard (www.boyscoutscampcard.com): Boy scouts market $5 cards just for Circle and includes two, onetime usage, divide the tab. This Tab Supplies a Set of this web for discounts on services, food, shopping, and also Entertainment to permit the client to make use of the whole every season whilst still camping. Every ticket offered community Offers help outreach and unique programs. The Scottish Kiddies camp cards Might Have the Ability to pay for itself several Times may be properly used precisely and each card will demonstrate the name of this Board, the Board of all Cell Phone numbers and sites of this Council.


The Scouts are selling camp cards for only $5 and also contains two, onetime usage, break off tabs. These tabs supply an internet list for service, food, shopping, and entertainment discounts to allow your customer to use all through every season while also camping. Each ticket sold provides $2.50 to he;p service the Boy Scouts in community outreach and specific programs. Even the Boy Scots camp card will pay for itself many times over and can be used and each card will reveal the Boy’s Council Title, Council Telephone Number and also Council site.

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How to activate the card:

  • Visit the Boy Scouts Camp Card promotional website www.boyscoutscampcard.com
  • Click and register with the 6 digit entry code provided on the back of this card
  • Download the Camp Card mobile program and Begin saving today


Boyscoutscampcard online Search:

Each card Times provides 3 voucher code that might be separated out of a few cards utilize an excellent Supply into the close of the season. The consumer will input the code number on the card To their own camp later buying and see boyscoutscampcard place their Accounts, and begin saving The accounts is triggered before conclusion of the season. Users get the program to their telephones in Addition to direct Quotes Out of and redeem their own mobiles from anywhere in the united states

Returns an additional card:

The device may reunite unsold cards. Returns are due to the support centre or Mechanicsburg York if Their obligations are created at the close of May. The card has to maintain the Status of Complete (you can find tabs removed, etc.). The device is responsible for Each single card Damaged or not returned with the deadline. The device may still continue to market the Cards offered them when they have settled their invoices using the Board, provided that they They know they can’t yield such a thing after the deadline for the payment.

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