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www.bk-feedback-uk.com Welcome to participate in the Burger King Feedback Satisfaction Survey, has long been seen as a perk or luxury which is available only to the largest customers with a huge pocket. However, for some decades, it has been found that understanding how one can target the target market is to move the business ahead in order to survive and flourish in the current market, businesses understand and understand their customers Should be targeted by the form. Today market research can be seen in various forms, now if you want to join the survey from here, you will need to see some useful tips before joining here. For which some questions will be answered.


Burger King Feedback has been built in Miami-Dade County, Florida, headquartered in Florida. The American founders of the company are James McLamour, David Edgerton and they have auxiliary, quick, Burger King restaurant, and they already have the largest number of more than 15,000 branches in the world. It is impossible to realize that people do not know Burger King. It would be considered impossible to say that Burger King is keen to know his opinion.

My Burger King Experience Survey Prize:

A validation code


Rules in BK Feedback UK Survey

  • A computer that comes with a link with the world net.
  • Your Burger King feedback invitation or any present purchase reception from Burger King feedback survey.
  • The restaurant number at the summit of one’s own reception.


A guest satisfaction survey is a form of market research that can help businesses understand the industry in which they work, their competitiveness, and their clients. The Burger King UK Guest Satisfaction survey is a continuous process involving the use of customer feedback to make decisions related to running a business. The survey involves collecting feedback for analysis. Businesses can conduct guest satisfaction surveys in various ways, but the method chosen depends on what they are hoping to understand or find. The Burger King UK guest satisfaction survey, however, is very simple in which participating customers will be completed only after taking 5 to 7 minutes

My Burger King Experience Survey Step by Step Guide:

  • Visit the Burger King guest survey official site-www.bk.com
  • Enter the Burger King Restaurant number located in front of the invitation here
  • Enter the date of the day you visit your journey the day you came here
  • Choose your order type dine-in or carry-out
  • Select the number of people in your party
  • Choose whether you have ordered a child under 12 years old
  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your food experience
  • Answer the following questions listed on the page
  • Write a verification code on your receipt

Contact Burger King UK
Burger King Guest Relations
PO Box 1975
L69 3HH

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