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Recent customers of the Bass Pro shop can take part in an online survey at opinionscope (www.opinionscope.com) for a chance to win a $500 gift card to Bass Pro. In order to win the gift card, the customer must be 18 years of age or older and a LEGAL resident of the United States. The Site is operated by Opinion Scope which is a registered Trademark of the Clear Data Research, Inc. in association with Bass Pro Shops. Any questions about the survey can be directed to contact@cleardata-research.com.


Recent clients of the Bass Pro shop may get involved in an internet poll for a chance to get a $500 gift card to Bass Pro. As a way to get the gift card the customer must be 18 years old or older and a lawful resident of the United States. The Website is operated by OpinionScope Thats a registered Trademark of Clear Data Research, Inc. in conjunction with Bass Pro Shops. Any questions concerning the questionnaire can be led to contact@


What is needed to take the Opinion Scope survey

  • Working Internet connection
  • The survey code (this code will be 7 digits in length)
  • Date of the visit in mm/dd/yy format
  • Home zip code
  • Home postal code (Canadian residents only)
  • Transaction number (see customer receipt) (6 digits in length)


The Bass Pro Shop was founded in the back of an old beat Brown Derby liquor store near Table Rock Lake at 1971. At the time all the store sold was worms and another type of fishing bait (mostly for catfish). Now the business has become a thousand dollar firm with over 20,000 employees. Popular brands sold throughout the store contain Johnny Morris Reels, Offshore Angler, Range Maxx Red-head, Worldwide Sportsman, Uncle Buck’s and White River.

Feedback Bass Pro Shop Customer

Fishing, swimming, recreation and hunting related services and products. It’s reputed to stock a broad assortment of gear. The business additionally sells and supports services and products to your National Audubon Society. The shop is like a theme park to get outside, access the Gear and special pieces of art. But there is more for their own victory than fish tanks and the bull horns. There are all employees. Do not expect to get used at the Fishing unless you’re fishing. Clients become immersed in the adventure, developed a Good interest within their game and invest in money.

How much does Survey Monkey Cost

The Team Advantage plan costs ₨ 1,550 a month, per user, billed annually.
The Team Premier plan costs ₨ 3,800 a month, per user, billed annually

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  1. Love the food , Suggestion though. To have a Seafood combo you need some fish on it especially for that price. Take it from someone who knows their seafood. Fish , shrimp, oysters, scallops etc .

  2. The worst food, service I’ve ever experienced for such high prices put some fish on the plate as far as my meal the salad for 5 was a joke wilted bottom of the head I could not eat my meal the pan seared scallops was so nasty will never be back .. over priced and just plain gross !!!!!!


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