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( Have you ever achieved success in controlling finance, if not and do not want to do that for a role so that you can improve a simple life. Control Prepaid MasterCard is a debit card created by BIT and NetSpend, giving you the tools to avoid credit card debt and overdraft fees and manage every dollar you spend on.


Mycontrolcard Mycontrolcard prepaid Mastercard is the unlimited organization of the largest payment network ever available to you. This is where cash cannot be online and on the phone. Cardholders are free to receive exclusions as alerts at any time. Since your card is prepaid, therefore you should never worry about paying interest bills or card bills, using Mycontrolcard, to use their official site online, from where they can easily pay their bills.


Control Prepaid MasterCard Instructions:

You need to open a control card account, your name, and address. Open the account on the homepage and click the link available here and type all the required information. Click Get my card. Your new personal card will arrive by mail only in 5-10 business days. (Residents of Vermont State are ineligible to open a card account.)

When you deposit at least $ 500 to your account during a calendar month, you will qualify for an automatic upgrade of $ 5 per month discount. Also, when you do not get any extra fees, you get a $ 10 purchase pillow; Access to an optional 5.00% APY savings account; Life benefits for you and your loved ones, as long as you maintain direct deposit activity (not available in all states)

How to login:

  • first, of all, you can visit the official website at
  • After that, activate your card
  • Which will be asked to put the number on the chill
  • After that, you place a 20 digit number of your card online
  • After that, you will be able to successfully activate your card.
  • As soon as you are fully logged in, then you can keep your account in the way.

About BET & NetSpend:

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