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JC Penney Associate Kiosk is a site that allows employees to log in using their User ID and password at Jcpassociates. (www.jcpassociates.com) to access information concerning their employment and even special employee discounts for shopping online from the JC Penney website. As a JC Penney associate, you can be either a part-time or a full-time employee. Whichever applies to you, you will be able to use the online portal to manage some of your employment records conveniently even at the comfort of your own home. The associate discount is a program that is only available for the benefit of all JC Penney employees and their eligible dependents.


Are you a JC Penney associate? If your answer to that question is ‘yes’, then you will be glad to learn that it is possible for you to access JC Penney associate information at home. In other words, you don’t have to visit or call the HR office, whenever you wish to access most of the information relevant to you as a JCPenney associate. Neither do you have to use a Penney associate kiosk at your workplace, for you to access associated information? It is possible for you to access the JC Penney associate information using your own computer at home. The JCPenney associate information we are making reference to here is wide-ranging: from your paycheck information to your work schedule information onto your tax information, benefits information… and pretty much everything else along these lines.


My Work Schedule on JC Penney Associate Kiosk

  • Make certain Internet/WiFi is working along with your Device is connected with Internet.
  • Open an Internet Browser on your Computer or Cell Phone and Turn Off the Popup Blocker.
  • Delete Browsing History and Clear Cookies & Cache.
  • Log on to JCPenney Associate Kiosk Website at www.jcpassociates.com.
  • Click on Associate Kiosk@Home tab to go to Login Page.
  • Enter your Employee ID & Password and click on Sign On button to move.
  • View your J.C. Penney Work Program and notice it down for personal reference.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk login:

  • You must log in through the JC Penney associate information portal
  • Your User ID comprises of the Employee ID number from JC Penney plus leading zeroes that you must add to make it 9 digits in total.
  • For the initial login, you must use an 11 digit default password that includes the initials JCP in uppercase, 2
  • digits for your month of birth, 2 digits for your year of birth, and the last 4 digits of your SSN. After this initial login, the system immediately prompts you to have the password reset.
  • The portal uses the SSL security technology to make your login secure. This technology does that by encrypting the link between your browser and the server.

Benefits www.jcpassociates.com

The JC Penney Associate discount online or in-store does not benefit anyone else who is not an employee or an eligible dependent of an employee of the company. Being able to shop online from the JCPenney website gives employees the advantage of accessing discounts even on items that may not be available at their specific stores. JC Penney is one of the few companies that offer benefits to part-time employees. A part-time employee is anyone working for less than 35 hours every week. These employees like their full-time counterparts can access benefits such as serious illness and also life insurance. Health benefits (including medical, vision and dental), 401K plan, paid vacations and time offs are part of the benefits program that full-time Associates participate in.

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